A random spark of thought Somewhere, set fire to my emotion And now that it has grown into an inferno It looks set to burn the whole of me down And send me up in smoke, all over again. - Dnyaneshwar Sonawane


Gulf of regret

The unsaid words Often leave a world behind The apologies that were due And the guilts that were never forgiven The love that wasn't expressed And the relation that never came into being The memories that never materialized Leaving behind a gulf of regret to be filled. - Dnyaneshwar Sonawane


Some obsessions are hard to define They lie on the verge of staying and leaving Giving you a glimmer of hope For one moment And the fear of loss on the next The possibility of win for one And of a limitless regret on the next Always putting you in a quandary Whether to be…


Don't be envious If I choose to stay quiet I just want you to know That when I am quite I want to say that What I don't say otherwise Far deep in meaning And far difficult for words to express I want you to know That through my quiteness I care more than I…


Into the wild of randomness I often get drawn And as I try to collect myself Often fall short Your being away Has distorted me to no end And as i feel pity for myself I often tend to wish That you had been less merciless - Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

The ‘A’ game

There may be barriers on the path And monster of fears may be looming large There may be distractions of many a shape And aberrations in their many forms Circumstances might have incapacitated me And odds might have outsized the normals But don't judge me so quick For I am yet to start my 'A'…


Life sometimes feels Like a long series of illusions Illusions, that are short-lived and disappear Just when you start to take them for real And expect them to last Till you see your desires fulfilled And then suddenly you are drawn into the whirlwind Of yet another illusion To be tossed and spun around Until…


I have seen people Abusing reality And then wearing the facade Of being in sync with it, People boasting of changing things If the opportunity meets them But never wishing to leave their comfort zones. - Dnyaneshwar Sonawane