A Free Mind

Oh Almighty If you could, give me a free mind A mind which begets happiness And which believes in harmony and peace A mind full of ideas Of prosperity and abundance A mind having no trace of fear And which never fails to care A mind which turns an opportunity into gold And treats an…



We keep on living a false life Justifying others’ expectations And glorifying ‘others’ achievements Conveniently ignoring That the life we are really meant for Is decaying and dying a slow death. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

What are you?

Are you a secret treasure Still to be discovered? Or an unimaginable beauty Yet to be found? Are you someone From the horde of humans? Or do you exist In the land of fairytales? Are you far away And hard to achieve? Or so close That my heart can touch? Are you a reality Experienced…

If destiny had a voice

If destiny had a voice She would perhaps want to clear the air Over all the wrongs ascribed to her And all the sins stamped on her And would like to state That for the miseries of man It’s not in fact her But his own greed, jealousy and thoughtlessness That are to blame for.…


We struggle through each day Dealing with the vagaries of life Trying to make it less cumbersome Only to find the next day That life is too tough an enigma To be solved so soon. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Glittering horizon

When there's gloom When there's darkness all around At a far away distance I can still see a glittering horizon Piercing my world with its brightness And causing my hope to rebound. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Insane love

No matter how hard i try to keep it in check No matter how hard i try to tame it A slip of mind And it suddenly escapes For the wild that it is Despite all my efforts My insane love prevails. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane