We struggle through each day Dealing with the vagaries of life Trying to make it less cumbersome Only to find the next day That life is too tough an enigma To be solved so soon. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane


There are people whom you meet And forget over a period of time And then there are sweethearts Whose memories forget to evade you. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Glittering horizon

When there's gloom When there's darkness all around At a far away distance I can still see a glittering horizon Piercing my world with its brightness And causing my hope to rebound. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Insane love

No matter how hard i try to keep it in check No matter how hard i try to tame it A slip of mind And it suddenly escapes For the wild that it is Despite all my efforts My insane love prevails. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Priceless eyes

“One thing about me that if you are required to keep, what will it be?” , she asked. “It will be your eyes. Because it’s through them that i have begun to see my world now”, He said. Dnyaneshwar Sonawane

Love will prevail

Until the night ends into a beautiful morn Until darkness gives in to sunshine My love will prevail Until the rivers keep meeting the oceans Until the sky is lit with a billion stars My love will prevail Until the soil is impregnated by the rains Until the flowers bloom in the darling spring My…

The invisible you

When i am lonely and all alone I am not really alone For the invisible you is always there for me She pats me and chats with me She makes mischiefs And forces me to smile She pulls me closer with affection And gives me a gentle hug She stays for a while And then departs…

Not yet

No, no, no, not yet I am not giving up on you just yet It’s been a while Since we have not been talking But my heart is committed not to lose touch It’s been a while Since things haven’t been rosy But my belief has still not given up on hope It’s been a…